Dec 6, 2012

Breuninger "Living Window" Variete

Today i did a show at store window of the Breuninger shopping center in Stuttgart. It was so interessting to be like a living display dummy. I enjoyed alot. Very nice idea. Thanks to Friedrichsbau Variete.

Nov 16, 2012

New videos at my website

I put some new videos on my website ( of the handbalancing showact butterfly live with Ray Martin at Friedrichsbau Variete, my training Video of the butterfly showact and the sunny hula hoop showact which i was posting already few posts befor.

Video: Butterfly Handstand Showact with Ray Martin

Video: Marina Skulditskaya - Butterfly Handstand Showact

Video: Marina Skulditskaya - Sunny Hula Hoop Showact

Nov 1, 2012

US Cars & Girls Calender 2013

I did a fotosession with Henry & Robert Hund for the US Cars & Girls calender 2013 which you can order at . I'm the girl of februar and so happy about to be part of such a glamour project. Here you can see some more fotos of the calender :

Cover of US Cars & Girls calender 2013
foto of august
foto of juni
i'm the girl of februar

Here you can see some more fotos which we did during the fotoshooting!


My new Training place

It's very important to have a good conditions for your training. So happy with my new place at Fitness Company Stuttgart

Oct 20, 2012

Some fotos from my work in Ibiza

Just came back to Stuttgart from my summer work in Ibiza at Cipriani restaurant. I spent a very nice time there and met a lot of good people!

Es Vedra - beautiful place

All the girls of the show in Cipriani backstage

Nice beach Cala Bassa

Ibiza old town night view

Open air stage show in Cipriani by Giulio Scatola and Nu' art production

Jun 20, 2012

My new Bike

After my lovely bike got stolen i needed to get a new bike because if you want to be fast in Stuttgart then it's the best to ride bike. I found a very nice purple one at kunstform?! BMX Shop. So here are my new bike :-) !!

Thanks to kunstform?! BMX Shop


Jun 10, 2012

"Welcome to Las Vegas" - my review

Everythings comes to an end and so we just finish the last show of "Welcome to Las Vegas" at Friedrichsbau Variete. It was a big pleasure to be part of such a nice show, great team with wonderful guys, very well organisied conditions at the variete and an amazing audience, which gave me a lot of power and motivation. Beside the show we did so many things like visiting a "Besenwirtschaft" (is a temporaly and schwabisch restaurant), the "Frühlingsfest" (beer festival) in Stuttgart or the circus Krone. We dance a lot in Hacienda (Mexican restaurant in Stuttgart) or at our private parties at the paxton flat or at "Perkins Park" (Disco in Stuttgart).

I just want to say: "thanks to everyone ! I just enjoy really every day"

Lara, AJ, Bree and David behind an advertising of the show
the Paxtons live on stage
the pirate party
after visiting a "besenwirtschaft"
at Frühlingsfest in Stuttgart with Bree and Chris
Bree and a little devil :-)
David, Chris, me, Doris, AJ and Lara before riding rollercoaster
I will miss my elvis
it's party time at paxtons flat
my favorite Elvis
all my friends of Stuttgart visit the show
Fashion night at Friedrichsbau
dancing at Hacienda
Kimberly and me
our team visit the famous circus Krone
David, me and AJ after the show
Danuchki and me in front of Ray's car
Elvis parking only
Adri Ann Birthday's party
Let's rock at premiere party with Harald Seidler
Party at Perkins Park with all the team
danger, danger pirates at friedrichsbau
we just went crazy and conquer the stones
the dream team ray martin and kimberly trees
the beautiful paxtons

I love David's Show
Strahlemann & Söhne are entertaining
the director ralph on stage at premiere
I got some fresh wind :-)
love the light
Bree and Danuchki at Tittisee at the deep dark black forest at germany
enjoying the sun at the tittisee with bree and pat
ukrainien party with ukrainien food
Thomas, Ferry and Dominik
it was a good time