Sep 29, 2015

Variete-Gala in Senden

Last week I had a show in Senden, north-west of Germany. It was a 25th anniversary of  Steverhalle and  „Woche des BĂĽrgerschaftlichen Engagements“ (week of society engagement). I performed with my both acts Handstand Showact "Vision" and Hula-Hoop Showact "Sunny". The stage was really nice and big and the audience so lovely and active. Here are some nice shoots made by fotographer Siegmar Syffus and Westfälische Nachrichten: (zum Artikel)

Dirk Scheffel-comedymusic

Sep 20, 2015

Schmidt Show on Tour in Braunschweig

Was a really great cast yesterday in Late-Night-Schmidt Show on Tour and 700 full of energy and impression audience in Braunschweig!!! It's so much fun to work when it's fun!