Nov 29, 2015

Handstand X Illusion video with Timo Marc

This summer we did some video recordind of our new illusion performance with my stage partner Timo Marc. It's always lot's of fun and inspiration to do something new on stage and of course a lot of work. Here is a little impression of it. We will be live on stage in Holzgerlinger Variete from 04 till 06 March 2016. Looking forward :-)

Nov 20, 2015

Schmidt Show on Tour in Mühlheim am Main

 Last week I had a really fun time in Mühlheim am Main, because it was 5 days and 5 great shows with Schmidt Show on Tour in Willy-Brandt-Halle with such a great comedy artists: Michael Eller, Konrad Stöckel, Tim Becker & Daniel Helfrich. I was the only girl on stage, with my Hula-Hoop Showact "Sunny", so much fun! Everything was well organized and we did our best!

Nov 2, 2015

New fotos of Handstand Showact "Vision"

Two month ago I did my handstand Showact "Vision" fotoshooting.  It was a really creative hardworking  day but a lot of fun and great experience. Thank you so much Isa Planck for that beautiful fotos. Enjoyed our work together a lot!

Oct 26, 2015

Interview for Germany's newspaper "Böblinger Bote"

Yeah! We are on cover in Germanys "Böblinger Bote" Newspaper!
Thank you so much Martin Müller for a great Interview with my stage partners Timo Marc and Yubai Zhang at Holzgerlinger Varieté!

Oct 11, 2015

Schmidt Show on Tour in Sylt

Schmidt Show is on tour again! And this time the show will be on Island Sylt 21.10.15  and 22.10.15, Meerkabarett Sylt-Rantum, Hafenstraße 1, 25980 Sylt / Rantum. Presented by Elke Winter with  great full of humor artists: Bademeister Schaluppke, Herr Niels, Marina Skulditskaya ( me :-) und Nagelritz. All infos and tickets you can find here:

Sep 29, 2015

Variete-Gala in Senden

Last week I had a show in Senden, north-west of Germany. It was a 25th anniversary of  Steverhalle and  „Woche des Bürgerschaftlichen Engagements“ (week of society engagement). I performed with my both acts Handstand Showact "Vision" and Hula-Hoop Showact "Sunny". The stage was really nice and big and the audience so lovely and active. Here are some nice shoots made by fotographer Siegmar Syffus and Westfälische Nachrichten: (zum Artikel)

Dirk Scheffel-comedymusic

Sep 20, 2015

Schmidt Show on Tour in Braunschweig

Was a really great cast yesterday in Late-Night-Schmidt Show on Tour and 700 full of energy and impression audience in Braunschweig!!! It's so much fun to work when it's fun!

Jul 28, 2015

Open-door day in Friedrichsbau Variete

This sunday was an open-door day in Friedrichsbau Variete co-operated by Fitnesscompany Stuttgart.Wow, that was a lot of fun! I did a Hula-hoop workshop with those little cute kids and Kimberly Trees did a Zumba workshop. As a surprise I did my Hula-Hoop Showact "Sunny" with Kimberly Trees with live singing and full of energy. Here are some fotos of the day :-)
Fotos: Sarah Weeber

Jun 4, 2015

Handstand show act "Vision" fotoshooting

Last week I had a really great fotoshooting with my handstand show act "Vision" in a new costume by Tobias Siewert with a professional photographer Isa Planck . Hair and make up was made by Nicole Warth. Just loved that day! It was a hard work but so much fun. Looking so forward for my new fotos :-) Here are some impression of that shooting:

May 31, 2015

Show in Düsseldorf Savoy theater

Enother great show with Schmidt Theater Tivoli on Tour in Düsseldorf Savoy Theater with a wonderful Lilo Wanders as moderator.

May 4, 2015

Chris de Burgh concert in Stuttgart

When I don't do the show, I go watch the show :-) Last week I visited Chris de Burgh concert in Stuttgart "Liederhalle". Wow, what can I say, standing ovation after every song! Amazing, great energy, super light effects and of course unforgettable songs. It was a big honor for me to present such a legend my flowers. A big thank you to Nigel Hopkins for inviting me! It was really "high on emotion."
Beautiful flowers for Chris de Burgh
Ready for the Show

with Nigel Hopkins - my favorite keyboard  musician

Apr 6, 2015

Diner Spectacle in Zurich with Das Zelt

Last week I had a really nice show in Zurich with Das Zelt "Diner Spectacle". I will have few more shows with this great team during this year, so i'm looking forward. I perform my handstand and hula-hoop show acts  by live music of Mya Audrey and A-Live. Great audience and a very nice place to work.