Oct 26, 2015

Interview for Germany's newspaper "Böblinger Bote"

Yeah! We are on cover in Germanys "Böblinger Bote" Newspaper!
Thank you so much Martin Müller for a great Interview with my stage partners Timo Marc and Yubai Zhang at Holzgerlinger Varieté!

Oct 11, 2015

Schmidt Show on Tour in Sylt

Schmidt Show is on tour again! And this time the show will be on Island Sylt 21.10.15  and 22.10.15, Meerkabarett Sylt-Rantum, Hafenstraße 1, 25980 Sylt / Rantum. Presented by Elke Winter with  great full of humor artists: Bademeister Schaluppke, Herr Niels, Marina Skulditskaya ( me :-) und Nagelritz. All infos and tickets you can find here: http://www.meerkabarett.de/programm/veranstaltung/845/SCHMIDT-SHOW-ON-TOUR