Nov 16, 2012

New videos at my website

I put some new videos on my website ( of the handbalancing showact butterfly live with Ray Martin at Friedrichsbau Variete, my training Video of the butterfly showact and the sunny hula hoop showact which i was posting already few posts befor.

Video: Butterfly Handstand Showact with Ray Martin

Video: Marina Skulditskaya - Butterfly Handstand Showact

Video: Marina Skulditskaya - Sunny Hula Hoop Showact

Nov 1, 2012

US Cars & Girls Calender 2013

I did a fotosession with Henry & Robert Hund for the US Cars & Girls calender 2013 which you can order at . I'm the girl of februar and so happy about to be part of such a glamour project. Here you can see some more fotos of the calender :

Cover of US Cars & Girls calender 2013
foto of august
foto of juni
i'm the girl of februar

Here you can see some more fotos which we did during the fotoshooting!


My new Training place

It's very important to have a good conditions for your training. So happy with my new place at Fitness Company Stuttgart