Dec 9, 2014

BASF Anniversary Celebration 2014

Last week I did the show for BASF company which celebrated the honour of thair employees with a 25,40 and 50 years affiliation. The special highlight of this event is a concert in Ludwigshafen with international great artists and live band on stage. I did my handstand show act "Butterfly" with the live singing of double Robbie Williams "Stars in Concert" artist with the song "Butterfly". Unforgettable high energy on stage, so much fun with a great professional artists. Very good organized by Public Work Productions. What can I say, here are some fotos of this event:

Sep 22, 2014

"Visionen" Premiere in Friedrichsbau Variete

At the moment I work with my new handbalancing show act in Friedrichsbau Variete in the show "Visionen" with Karsten Speck. The show had really a good start with a great cas and will be in Stuttgart until 26th of October in Spardawelt. Looks like it will be a lot of fun!
I enjoy already the work so much!

Here are some photos from our Premiere:

Sep 10, 2014

Holiday in Germany

I had a really nice holiday last two weeks! I visited Berlin,Eberswalde, Dresden, Baltic sea and Island Rügen. Of course I didn't forget to train, It's so easy to loose your shape while a break time, haha. Now I feel totally relaxed and ready for a new shows.
So here are some fotos of my journey :-)
Freiedrichstadtpalast Berlin

Park in Eberswalde

Training with my Kitty

Baltic sea

Bike tour in Eberswalde

Dresden Zwinger

BMX Contest in Dresden

Sep 7, 2014

Show in thermal baths / Spa Bad Wörishofen "Variete in paradise"

Recently I did my Handstand Show Act "Butterfly" and Hula Hoop Show Act "Sunny"  in thermal baths / Spa Bad Wörishofen "Variete in paradise". It was very interesting, the audience was watching my performance from the pool. Great experience and a very beautiful place. Here are some pictures:

Aug 20, 2014

Show in Austria

This time I did my handstand show act as a birthday present in Austria! The stage was located outside with  a beautiful view on Alps and very close to the sky! Thanks to Nikolaus and all the guests, it was a great party and a lot of fun for me! If you also like to book me as a present, feel free to contact me on

Here are some fotos :-)

Aug 2, 2014

Great time in Bamberg Varieteshows

What an amazing time it was in Bamberg with  Fuchs-Gala Varieteshows! Great cast on and behind the stage, unforgetteble atmosphare with a stantingovations! So well organised, fantastic!!! I enjoyed the shows so much! Thank you Marcus Götz - Zyculus!
Handstand Show Act 'Butterfly'

Bamberg Presse 

All artists with Marcus Götz

warming up before the show

Germany wins WM!!!

Las Begas in Bamberg

Jun 23, 2014

Bamberg zaubert

Every summer in Bamberg there is an International Street- and Varietefestival with a different kind of artists. This year I am very happy to be a part of it in a Varieteshows Fuchs-Galas with my Handstand Show Act "Butterfly" and Hula Hoop Show Act "Sunny"
Here is a poster of the show.

Jun 4, 2014

Training never stops

New tricks and ideas are always in process. Very soon I will finish a next one. Here are some training preview foto at Fitness Company in Stuttgart

on the way for a new trick

May 23, 2014

Show in 'Amici' Stuttgart

First time Campari "Die Rote Nacht der Bars" was orgenised in Stuttgart,
in 14 different bars. In one of them, in "Amici" I was very happy to take
part in with my Handstand Showact "Butterfly"

Showact Butterfly in "Amici!

Die rote nacht der Bars in Amici

Campari breeze
Campari rocks

Apr 1, 2014

4. Holzgerlinger Variete

Every year Timo Marc organize an international variete at Holzgerlingen a little city next to Stuttgart. This year it was the fourth year and i was very happy to be part as a surprise artist with my Handstand Show Act Butterfly. It was a very well organized show and a very good audience.
Handstand Show Act "Butterfly" live in foyer

Surprise Show for the audience in foyer

Fan inspiration

Our amazing team!

Relaxing after the show :-)