Mar 29, 2015

Morning show in Fitness company

I do my training every day and I am very happy, because I have a perfect place and conditions for my sport. Thank you Fitness Company Stuttgart. On Sunday I did my hula-hoop performance with Kimberly Trees for our fitness family :-) It was a very big pleasure and a lot of fun!
Fitness Company

Mar 18, 2015

5. Holzgerlinger Variete

Last weekend my stage partner Timo Marc celebrated his 25 years on stage! I did a performance with my Hula-Hoop Show Act "Sunny".  It was a really cool show, with great artists from different countries, super energy on stage and all 3 days standing ovation! Thank you Timo Marc and 5. Holzgerlinger Variete for such a nice time!  

Mar 4, 2015

Presentation new collection MAC cosmetics - "Toledo"

Last week I did my hula-hoop performance for a presentation  new collection MAC cosmetics  - "Toledo" in M√ľnchen. Great experience and a lot of fun :-)